Emergency Mathematics

Stokhos started as a scientific mathematical project named REPRO with the aim to reduce ambulance response times. The potential social impact motivated the foundation of Stokhos. We at Stokhos are all very enthusiastic about mathematics and science and are tirelessly working on making the world a safer place.

As our products were first developed for the medical emergency market, we have a strong affinity with the medical emergency field. All members of our team have, for example, valid first aid certification.

Made possible, in part, by funding from the province of Noord-Holland

The people


I am excited to see our algorithms contribute to all kinds of fields of transport and logistics.

A drive for developing disruptive technologies and models has been core to my life, since I started my first company in the nineties, developing a search engine for the internet. Another passion is renewable energy, which led to Darwind, an offshore windturbine developer. Since 2013 I focus on science based enabling technologies with Amsterdam Scientific Instruments and Stokhos. I enjoy working in a team, all aligned in making this a success. My academic background spans from the Erasmus University, Rotterdam and a post doctoral fellowship at MIT, USA. To clear my mind, I love to sculpt and cycle.

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